breastfeeding can be difficult

but it doesn't have to be

your goals matter

clinically proven

studies show that seeing an IBCLC increases breastfeeding success.

reasons to see a lactation consultant

-weight loss
-fussy at breast
-many more!

fact of the day

your milk is different depending on the gender of your child! meeting their bodies exact needs.

balanced support

your goals are incorporated into a care plan that compliments your medical provider's approach

locally supported

tiny tummies has an excellent reputation with wic, naval hospital, onslow memorial, and outlying clinics in onslow county.

expert in the field

the ibclc is the gold standard in breastfeeding care.


  • "Through Tori's guidance of different positions and tips to make breastfeeding successful, I went on to nurse my little one for a full year, and beyond."

    Krista C
  • As a family physician I strongly support breastfeeding. Because I strongly support breastfeeding I believe that I should do everything in my power to help my patients in their struggles along the way. It has been my good pleasure to work with Tori on some of my most difficult cases. She and I have often discussed good nutrition, indications and contraindications for supplementation, poor weight gain in infants and poor weight loss in mothers, breast feeding techniques and timing, supply issues, and even where to attain donor milk for mothers who are unable to breast feed for medical or emotional issues. She has also been instrumental in helping mothers gain the courage and strength to seek help for postpartum depression. I have greatly appreciated her advice and support in the care of my patients, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking additional training, advice or expertise regarding breastfeeding support.

    Dr. Derby (Family Practice Physician)
  • She was invaluable the first few days after birth as my cranky, tongue tied, hungry son and I waited for my milk to come in. Fast forward 2.5 months and the day I found out my husband, a Navy helicopter pilot, was killed on deployment. My world was shattered. Add to that the stress of now being a single mother to an infant and a 6 year old. I knew I still wanted to continue to breastfeed, but was unsure if I'd be able to manage through such a traumatic event. Tori gave me the encouragement that I needed, right down to telling me to at least continue to drink water to sustain my supply in a time where I didn't want to eat or drink anything. I'm happy to say that I reached my 1 year goal and there was no way I could have done it without her. Thank you Tori!

    Theresa J.
  • When she learned that my son and I used a supplemental nursing system to supplement during nursing she was immediately so encouraging! She asked if we felt comfortable taking some photos with it on to be used as an example that nursing looks different for every mom and baby. After working with Tori, my son and I are now at 8.5 months of nursing and have been able to increase my supply enough to no longer need to supplement! I absolutely recommended any mom to Tori for any type of lactation support!

    Kristina H.
  • You couldn't ask for a better lactation professional! Tori helped me get my son to latch after 2 months of pumping; when I was sure we'd never get to actually breastfeed again! She is patient, kind, and knowledgable. Tori is worth every penny you spend - you can't go wrong!

    Heather S.
  • Tori helped me so much with my breastfeeding journey! I'm a full time working mom and was having problems (I thought) pumping enough milk. She assured me many times that what I was pumping was enough and that I didn't need more than 4 ounces at a time for bottles. If it wasn't for her, I may have stopped nursing earlier because of that fear! We're currently at 11 months of breastfeeding and going strong!

    Erin M.
  • Tori has been a huge help in the success of two of my precious little ones. She was there minutes after the birth of my daughter, who was born 5 weeks premature. She helped me latch her, and I believe the work she did with me, along with incredible knowledge started me off with a firm foundation for a strong breastfeeding relationship with my daughter whom I breastfed until 19 months old. Tori has been there for any questions that I've had from what medicines to take to how to deal with supply issues. If not for this stellar lady I would have possibly gone back to supplementing and sabotage my breastfeeding relationship with my son and daughter like I had with my first.

    Rebecca H.
  • Tori saw me on very short notice when I developed a clogged duct as a result of mastitis and a shallow latch. She was able to teach me techniques and positions that encouraged my daughter to latch correctly. I'm now able to nurse my 2 week old without pain, and we are on out way on a beautiful breastfeeding relationship thanks to Tori's help. She went above and beyond by not just helping us in person, but calling to follow up and ensure we were on the right track.

    Sydnie B.

popular services

pay-as-you-go office visit
$60 initial $20 follow-up (as needed)
  • infant weight check
  • infant physical & oral assessment
  • maternal physical assessment
  • feeding assessment
  • personalized care plan
  • unlimited phone/email support for 2 weeks
3 Months of Breastfeeding Support
  • $70 in savings!
  • up to 2 office visits per month
  • unlimited phone/email support
  • an on-demand expert helping you
  • help when you need it
home visits
$100 initial$50 follow-up (as needed)
  • infant weight check
  • infant physical & oral assessment
  • maternal physical assessment
  • feeding assessment
  • personalized care plan
  • unlimited phone & email support for 2 weeks

your goals matter

every parent deserves to be heard and have a lactation plan tailored to their goals while meeting their child's needs & working with their medical team. be heard & empowered.


tori sproat, ibclc, rlc

tori sproat, ibclc, rlc

lactation consultant

    with 6 years of personal breastfeeding experience and 5 years helping parents, tori is passionate about helping families achieve their feeding goals. she attends multiple conferences a year as a speaker and attendee, always learning more to stay current in the lactation field.

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