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what is an ibclc?

ibclc – international board certified lactation consultant

a lactation consultant is considered the expert in breastfeeding. they understand the science of lactation and aid parents by blending this knowledge with the logistics involved with each specific family.

certified through the international board of lactation consultant examiners, an ibclc must undergo intensive schooling and hundreds of hours of clinical training in order to qualify to sit for the board examination. after passing the boards, the ibclc may only retain their credential by recertifying every 5 years with continuing education credits, and every 10 years via credits and sitting the exam again.

ibclc scope of practice

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  • infant physical and oral assessment
  • call attention to abnormalities and refer to the appropriate specialist
  • physical assessment of the lactating parent
  • feeding assessment, including hands-on support if needed
  • aid in breastfeeding without birthing
  • work with the family medical providers to create a multi-disciplinary approach to breastfeeding support
  • decide if any lactation devices are needed, fit them, provide care/usage instructions for them, and weaning from device instructions
  • fit a parent for pump flanges
  • give an individualized care plan for a specific breastfeeding situation
  • give evidence-based information on herbs, foods, and medicines to discuss with the appropriate medical provider
  • provide a list of resources for specialty providers
  • give general lactation information & resources in a group or phone setting
  • counsel a parent with regards to a lactation-specific situation


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  • prescribe herbs, foods, or medications – including dosage information
  • give individualized breastfeeding advice in an informal or group setting
  • diagnose medical conditions
  • perform procedures such as a tongue/lip tie revision


how can an ibclc help me?

studies have shown that ibclc’s increase breastfeeding success. they do this by listening to what the parent’s goals are and what their life is like, what the medical staff is suggesting, and working in their lactation knowledge to come up with answers for a parent. if you want more breastfeeding support in jacksonville, nc then you need to call or book an appointment with your lactation consultant today!