Jacksonville NC Breastfeeding

photo credit: flash photo studios

tori began her lactation journey in 2010 following the birth of her son. after not attending any breastfeeding classes, expecting breastfeeding to be natural and come naturally, she experienced 6 weeks of painful struggle, compounded by postpartum anxiety. it took two knowledgeable friends to point tori in the direction of la leche league and other support resources in her community.

what began as joining a support group became a love for the science of lactation and helping other parents in their journeys. tori has since served the communities she has lived in as a member of la leche league, a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, chair for onslow county breastfeeding coalition, and now as an international board certified lactation consultant. she also serves as director of the code project for best for babes foundation, secretary of the equity committee for international lactation consultant association, and is an author of the milky mamalogues.

tori lives in jacksonville with her husband, two children, and two fur babies. when she’s not reading the latest lactation journals she’s typically found playing with her children, running with stroller warriors, watching star wars, and drinking chai lattes.