During Your Appointment

Timeline of a Typical Appointment

[dt_sc_vertical_timeline type=”type3″][dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry title=”Intake”]We will spend a few minutes reviewing the medical histories of you and your child(ren). This part is vital for determining of there is a clinical root to the breastfeeding issue. We will also go over your reason for the visit and any questions you may have before we begin.[/dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry][dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry title=”Physical Assessment”]This involves a weight check followed by muscular, oral, and suck assessments for the infant; a physical assessment of your chest and nipples may also take place depending on the reason for visit. This is not invasive but does provide more information for me to best help you.[/dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry][dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry title=”Feeding Assessment”]This involves watching how your child(ren) eat at the breast/bottle. During this time I can see if they are utilizing the correct mechanisms or maladaptive ones, assess for and implement latch changes that may be needed, and check for signs of milk transfer. During this time we will also address any additional questions you might have.[/dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry][dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry title=”Care Plan”]Together we create an evidence-based care plan tailored to your unique breastfeeding relationship. This care plan is verbally relayed to you at the appointment, as well as emailed to you afterward. While many parents find their issue resolved in one visit, a follow-up may be recommended and we will schedule it at this time.[/dt_sc_vc_timeline_entry][/dt_sc_vertical_timeline]